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Q: How does JPS screen prospective tenants?

* Credit check through Experian

* Verify employment

* Verify banking

* Verify Social Security number

* Verify drivers license

* Check current & prior landlords

* Check for Unlawful Detainer Actions (evictions)

Q: What information is on the monthly statement I will receive?

* Income and Expense Report

* Transaction Register and Ledger

* Detailed Rent Recap

* Delinquent Tenant Report

* Vacancy Report

* Copies of Repair Invoices (as needed)

Q: What does the monthly Management Fee include?

* Timely rent collection

* Maintain accurate records

* Coordination of maintenance and repairs

* Obtain bids for major repairs

* Prepare notices (3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit, Notice to Quit, Change of Terms)

* Disburse funds to Owner

* Provide Owner with monthly statement with month-to-date and year-to-date totals

* Appear in court as a witness for Unlawful Detainer actions

* Listing of vacant units on the JPS website and Rental Hotsheet

* Year to date accounting reports including Vendor 1099's

Q: What documents do you handle for tenants?

* Lease or Month-to-Month Rental Agreements

* Standard Rules and Regulations

* Definition of "Wear and Tear"

* Lead Disclosure and Brochure

* Renter's Insurance information

* Security Deposit Return Guidelines


Q: What other services does JPS offer?

* Bi-lingual and Fair Housing Trained staff
* In-house Maintenance Service
* In-house General Contractor
* Vacant units shown 7 days a week
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